New Hampshire Roommate Violence Lawyer

Sharing a house or apartment with another person is simultaneously enjoyable and challenging. However, a roommate situation can easily transition from challenging to hostile. If your living situation with a roommate has escalated to violent, you should consult a New Hampshire roommate violence lawyer. A distinguished domestic violence attorney can assist you by exploring your legal options and helping you build a strong legal defense.

Domestic Violence Between Roommates

Arguments between two roommates can quickly escalate. Fights that result in physical violence may lead to charges of domestic abuse. One does not have to be married or even related to be charged with domestic violence. A person living with a roommate can face charges of domestic violence when they demonstrate violent behavior toward their roommate.

Studies reveal cohabiting individuals experience domestic violence just as often as married couples do. Domestic violence occurs when a domestic cohabitant abuses, threatens or interferes with the personal freedom of another.

The consequences for domestic violence charges vary from mild to severe, depending on if an individual is convicted. If facing roommate violence or domestic abuse accusations, a New Hampshire roommate violence lawyer can assist in mitigating and minimizing punitive damages.

How a Charge Affects Living Conditions

Roommate violence charges are prosecuted and punished as if the cohabitants are a married couple. A roommate can place a protective order against the other roommate, by telling the court that they feared for their safety. The protective order will force the other roommate out of the home.

If a roommate is kicked out and contribute to the rent, utilities, and other necessities, they are still be required to make payments even though they are not physically living in the home. Having to pay housing expenses without inhabitation is inconvenient and costly.

What to Do When Falsely Accused of Roommate Violence

A person who is facing a roommate violence or domestic violence accusation should document and record everything to prove their innocence. Documentation should include pictures, statements of the other person, eyewitness accounts, and other supporting evidence that helps your case. If a person is falsely accused of committing violent acts against a roommate, they should try to be the first person to contact law enforcement and share their story.

There are two sides to every story, and the truth may be grossly exaggerated.  When a person is falsely accused of roommate violence or domestic abuse, a domestic violence attorney in New Hampshire can evaluate evidence and represent your interests.

Speak with a New Hampshire Roommate Violence Attorney

Individuals who live together occasionally have spats and disagreements. No relationship is perfect. However, if you find yourself in a situation by which your roommate accuses you of domestic mistreatment, contact a New Hampshire roommate violence lawyer as soon as possible.