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Arrests for prostitution and solicitation across New Hampshire are on the rise. Many of these arrests take the form of police stings and happen in known hot spots for prostitution or places suspected of harboring sex slaves. Other instances are found to be occurring in areas where there are high levels of known illicit drug use. 

With the surplus of prostitutes available to offer their services, there too is an interested supply of patrons ready to solicit their services. If you have been charged with solicitation, retain the services of a qualified criminal lawyer.  A New Hampshire solicitation lawyer can work to mitigate any charges of prostitution you may face.  

Solicitation Laws

Under state law, and more specifically New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated §645:2, an individual who solicits sexual favors for pay of another is just as guilty of a crime as the prostitute themselves. Solicitation involves the prospect, in other words merely requesting or asking, to engage in a sexual act for pay.  To charge one with solicitation and for a prosecutor to prove the case in court, there does not have to be any proof of any exchange of funds took place. 

When it even comes to companies providing escort services, they are keen to emphasize that one is paying for what is generically referred to as companionship. While many might indeed hire an escort just for companionship, these companies liken the potential for sexual conduct to an escalation between two consenting adults.  

To avoid being subject to any legal implications associated with sex for pay, these companies will require their patrons to pay in advance or as the escort and the client meet. Not doing so would leave the meeting open to being deemed prostitution or solicitation. 


It is important to consider that the type of sexual contact that is forbidden by this law is broadly defined to include both sexual contact and penetration. It includes any type of sexual touching intended to elicit some type of sexual arousal or personal gratification.  It also includes several sex acts including intercourse, oral and anal sex, or any other type of penetration by one’s body or foreign object. As referenced above, cases involving solicitation must involve an offering of payment, an agreement to pay, or a payment itself for charges to be filed, as a New Hampshire solicitation attorney can explain.

Aggravating Factors

Much like prostitution, barring an aggravated element to the charge, solicitation is considered a misdemeanor and those convicted of the crime are subject to as much as a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000. Aggravating factors include if the solicitation involves a minor under the age of 18.  In the instance of a compounded circumstance such as this, the individual charged faces a Class B felony conviction instead. They also will be listed as a sex offender upon sentencing as well. 

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With New Hampshire authorities becoming more proactive in doing away with prostitution across the state, those facing solicitation charges across the state have seen an uptick in arrests as well.  

If you have been charged with solicitation, there are fortunately many defenses that a New Hampshire solicitation lawyer can work with you to employ in defending your case.