New Hampshire Expungement Lawyer

If you have been charged and/or convicted of a crime in the State of New Hampshire, you almost certainly have a criminal record on the books. A criminal record can have all sorts of negative impacts on your personal and professional life. Fortunately, however, many criminal convictions and records are subject to expungement after a period of time expires. 

New Hampshire criminal record expungement is not available for any crime that resulted in an extended term of imprisonment under the applicable provision of the New Hampshire Criminal Code. A person is also ineligible for criminal expungement if they have received a violent crime conviction or a conviction for obstruction of justice.

If you have been charged with and/or convicted of a criminal offense in New Hampshire and are looking to have your criminal record expunged, an experienced New Hampshire expungement lawyer can help. A capable attorney can review your criminal record, along with your underlying charges and convictions, and may be able to assist you with having your criminal record expunged.  

Reasons to Have Your Criminal Record Expunged

Employers, educational institutions, and residential leasing agents frequently check individuals’ criminal records prior to making their decisions.  

If you have a criminal record – particularly a lengthy one – that may have a negative impact when it comes to getting a job, getting into the educational institution of your choice, and/or finding a decent place to live. A criminal records expungement helps to eliminate these problems, for more consult with a New Hampshire expungement attorney today. 

How to Obtain a Criminal Record Expungement in New Hampshire

Anyone may petition the court to have a criminal record of arrest, conviction, and/or sentencing expunged (or annulled). A court’s decision regarding expungement depends upon the following factors: 

  • The amount of time that has passed since the date of arrest, conviction, and/or sentencing  
  • The results of the underlying criminal case 
  • Whether expungement would help the petitioner’s needs 
  • Whether expungement would pose any kind of threat to the public-at-large or to the general public’s welfare 

In order to obtain a records expungement, the petitioner must first make sure that all of the conditions of a criminal sentence have been fulfilled and that he or she has not been charged or convicted of any other criminal offense. An individual or their New Hampshire expungement lawyer may also request a records expungement if the criminal charge resulted in a ‘not guilty’ finding or the criminal charge was dismissed or ‘nolle prossed’ (i.e. not prosecuted).

In order to obtain a records expungement, there is usually a waiting period of at least one to three years, depending upon the nature of the offense – but not more than 10 years. 

Contact a New Hampshire Expungement Lawyer Today

If you have been arrested, charged, and/or convicted of a crime in New Hampshire, you may be eligible for a criminal record expungement.  An experienced New Hampshire expungement lawyer will be able to review your record and underlying criminal charges, arrests, and convictions, and can advise you of your legal options regarding expungement – and the time-period involved.  Contact a knowledgeable expungement attorney who can work to achieve a positive outcome for you.