New Hampshire Child Abuse Lawyer

In the state of New Hampshire, children are protected from abuse and neglect through Statute, 169-C.  In fact, the state of New Hampshire can dictate what you can and cannot do regarding your children as it relates to their safety and freedom from abuse.

Any parent, guardian or individual who cares for children should contact a New Hampshire child abuse lawyer when facing a child abuse allegation. A conviction can wreak havoc on your life and reputation. Work with a determined domestic violence attorney that can fight to build your case.

Definition of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a behavior that results in severe harm to a minor under 18 years of age that affects their well-being or health in a negative way. The perpetrator may be a stranger, parent, relative, close friend or someone that the child may know or trust.

There are laws in place that require parents. caregivers, doctors, teachers and others who work with children to report any signs or suspicions of child abuse to the appropriate authorities for investigation. Failure to report these signs of child abuse can result in a misdemeanor charge.

Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a crime that affects numerous children, and it can take on many different forms that may include:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Exploitation

Regardless of the type of abuse, an experienced New Hampshire child abuse lawyer can examine a person’s case, and identify the defense strategies that may work best.

Defenses for a Child Abuse Allegation

Child abuse is so abhorred by the public that often the stigma of an allegation is hard to overcome for the accused. However, there are cases in which individuals are falsely accused of a child abuse incident. If a person is facing a child abuse charge, they should contact a New Hampshire child abuse lawyer, who can create a credible and comprehensive defense.

While there are laws to punish those who are guilty of child abuse, there are other laws designed to clear the name of the falsely accused. There are several defenses to counter false claims of child abuse.

A child may have been forced to create a false allegation because of a dysfunctional family or child custody battle. A child’s injury may mimic child abuse because of an unintentional accident or a fall involving the child on the playground.

Consequences of a Child Abuse Conviction

An individual charged with child abuse may face different penalties and consequences. The punishment received will depend on the criminal background of the defendant, the age of the victim, the type of abuse involved, and if the offense involved sexual contact.

A charge could result in a felony or misdemeanor depending on the severity of the abuse. The stigma of a child abuse conviction can have lifelong repercussions, such as:

  • A lifetime mandate to be listed as a child sexual offender
  • Tarnished image and reputation
  • A criminal record
  • Not being allowed to be around or employed by organizations with children
  • Termination of parental rights when the abuse involves the abuser’s child
  • Supervised and limited access to one’s own children under the age of 18

Contacting a New Hampshire Child Abuse Attorney

Child abuse is a crime that is not tolerated in society. Children, the most vulnerable victims, should be allowed to enjoy a fun, rewarding, and productive childhood. The laws against child abuse are often unforgivable and harsh in New Hampshire.

When you have been charged with a child abuse crime, you should contact a New Hampshire child abuse lawyer, who can work on your behalf to help you avoid possible jail time and a tarnished reputation.