New Hampshire Domestic Violence Lawyer

No relationship is without internal conflict. A seemingly loving and happy home can face any number of tensions that could escalate into accusations of domestic violence. Whether these accusations are true or not, the situation can quickly spiral out of control.

Speaking with a knowledgeable and understanding attorney in New Hampshire, however, can help a person regain their bearings when facing these overwhelming circumstances. Contact a New Hampshire domestic violence lawyer right away to begin your defense.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Sometimes impaired judgment can manifest with a simple poor choice of words. These words, in turn, could be perceived as a threat. A push or grab could also lead to domestic violence charges, whether they lead to any actual physical injury.

Individuals may do things they do not intend to do. That does not necessarily mean their mistakes should follow them throughout their lives in the form of a criminal record. Experienced New Hampshire domestic violence lawyers understand this and will work with someone to help rebuild their life after the fallout.


Penalties for a domestic violence conviction can range from a fine to a jail sentence. In addition, someone may permanently lose their right to possess a firearm. Sometimes, however, the best solution to a domestic violence charge may not be a penalty, but rehabilitation.

Working with an experienced lawyer in New Hampshire can help someone avoid excessively harsh penalties and even help them attain the help they need to prevent future harm.

Beyond legal penalties, a domestic violence conviction can carry a stigma that follows an individual personally and professionally. It can result in losing child custody. It will present a blemish on someone’s criminal background checks, and possibly keep them from certain career paths.

Whether a person’s charges are the result of a false accusation, or a lapse in judgement, New Hampshire domestic violence attorneys will work to protect their client from excessive penalties and false convictions.

How a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help

In domestic violence cases, emotions run high, and important details can be lost in confusion. An intimate partner may make a point to portray someone as negatively as possible. A person acting in self-defense, could land a more visible injury against a violent partner, and therefore be wrongly deemed an attacker.

Domestic violence incidents often occur quickly and can unfold in any number of ways. It will take the work of a skilled domestic violence attorney to study the facts, discern the truth, and obtain for you the best outcome possible.

Contacting a New Hampshire Defense Lawyer

Regardless of what has transpired between you and your partner, it did not happen in a vacuum, and you have the right to tell your side of the story. Patient, compassionate, experienced attorneys will listen to you and mount a strong defense.

Not only are you entitled to fair treatment under the law, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and your name. The right defense can determine the course of your life moving forward. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, contact skilled New Hampshire domestic violence attorneys today.