New Hampshire Sex Crimes Lawyer

The stigma that follows a sexual assault charge is serious. Sex crimes carry a particular stigma that other crimes do not. The very word “sex offender,” regardless of the details of the charge, can determine where a person can work or even live for the rest of their lives.

Long after a person has paid their debt to society, they can carry the stigma of a sex offense. However, a qualified New Hampshire sex crimes lawyer may prevent that from happening. Contact an experienced defense attorney for help building a strong defense to your sex crimes charges.

Types of Sex Crimes in New Hampshire

Some may be surprised to know what qualifies as a sex crime in New Hampshire. Common sexual offenses in the state of New Hampshire include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Child pornography and distribution
  • Indecent exposure

Even if familiar with the terminology, it might be surprising what is considered “exposure,” “assault” or “pornography.”

When facing these confusing legal issues and jargon, and the possibility of a serious criminal conviction, it is advised to speak with a reputable New Hampshire sex crimes attorney as early as possible.

A knowledgeable New Hampshire sex crimes lawyer is available to help navigate their client through the overwhelming, confusing and troubled waters of a criminal proceeding.

Consequences of Conviction

The penalties for a sex crime conviction– both state sanctioned and societal– can be far reaching. In addition to substantial jail or prison sentences, a sex crime conviction may make it impossible for a person to secure a well-paying job, live in certain areas, or even obtain a loan. Hefty fines, probation, and mandatory sex-offender programs also may be involved.

Role of a Sex Crimes Attorney

If charged with a sex crime, individuals should not hesitate to speak with a qualified New Hampshire attorney as quickly as possible. New Hampshire lawyers take a proactive approach, often assisting their clients before charges are formally brought to them. They are here to protect the rights of their clients from the minute that they are brought in for questioning, until the final decision has been reached, and beyond.

A lawyer will work to help attain the most positive outcome available for their client. In many cases, charges dropped or reduced before a client ever has to set foot inside a courtroom. They are experienced trial lawyers who are prepared to meticulously and aggressively defend their client before a judge and jury.

Sex crimes lawyers from New Hampshire are passionate advocates who listen with understanding and fight with tenacity. They will carefully examine the particular nuances of the case and mount a strong defense.

Contact a New Hampshire Sex Crimes Attorney

With careful strategy, sharp minds and years of experience, skilled attorneys are willing and able to help you. It is the right of any U.S. citizen to have a fair trial regardless of the charges.

Do not let society or the judicial system rule the narrative around your life. A licensed attorney– one versed in state, federal, and local law– can help you fight back. Contact a New Hampshire sex crimes lawyer today.