New Hampshire Theft Lawyer

There are many circumstances that can lead to a theft charge, including a simple misunderstanding, or peer or personal pressure to shoplift, to an act of desperation or cry for help regarding some other personal issue. Whether the charge stemmed from a momentary lapse in judgement or a clear mistake, everyone has the right to obtain legal representation. Our New Hampshire theft lawyers are here to help.

With years of experience in representing clients accused of willful concealment, shoplifting and other theft charges, and in-depth understanding of New Hampshire theft laws, an experienced defense attorney can help you receive fair treatment throughout the judicial process and try my best to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Potential Penalties

There are many types of theft, and the penalties in New Hampshire vary greatly with them. The value of the item(s) stolen can greatly affect the penalties received if you are convicted. Theft crimes range from misdemeanor shoplifting to felony theft; the penalties associated with these charges vary by the level of the offense with which you are charged.

The penalties for theft charges can include fines of over $1000, restitution, incarceration in jail or prison, or all three of these.  Beyond the court punishment, though, a criminal record from a theft charge can have even longer-lasting ramifications throughout a person’s life.

No matter how far in the past the error, potential employers may see a person as untrustworthy because of a shoplifting, willful concealment or theft conviction. This can lead to even further and longer lasting financial hardship than the court punishment itself, further making it important that a New Hampshire theft lawyer is contacted.

Role of An Attorney

Shoplifting, willful concealment or most other thefts rarely happens in a vacuum. In fact, most arrests for willful concealment or shoplifting are not caused by greed or economic need; many people actually have purchased something while leaving the store with the allegedly stolen goods.  Others have enough cash on them to have paid for those goods.

The urge to steal can overwhelm non-professional shoplifters (i.e. people who did not steal to make a profit) can often stem from stress, depression, or other mental health issues.

In many instances, the accused may need help and understanding as much as they may be required to face judgment and punishment. In many cases, the criminally unsophisticated behavior of the person charged with theft shows their lack of criminal experience: confessions to store loss prevention employees, lack of appreciation of in-store video or loss prevention surveillance, and low-dollar nature of items taken are a few examples. A New Hampshire theft attorney can assist in mitigating the damage and helping those accused to understand the offense they are facing.

How a Lawyer Can Help

In some cases, an otherwise rational, law-abiding (and often high-achieving) person makes an irrational, seemingly unexplainable decision.  You may be a good student or professional with no record.  You may have treated or untreated mental health issues, or you may be a good person under unusual pressure and stress who made a regrettable decision.

Before anyone passes judgment on you, punish you, and brands you a criminal and marks your record as a thief, you can call me for a free consultation regarding your case.

A New Hampshire theft lawyer will listen closely to your side of the story and examine your unique situation. With patience, and without bias, embarrassment or judgment, we will listen to you and work for you toward the best possible outcome for you and your future.