New Hampshire Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Receiving a speeding ticket can disrupt your life in numerous inconvenient ways. If found guilty, you could spend lots of money and even face jail time if the violation is severe. Speeding is a violation, and the fine depends upon how fast a person was traveling over the posted speed limit. 

When you are caught speeding in the state of New Hampshire, you should seek the advice of a competent New Hampshire speeding lawyer. An experienced traffic attorney can save you lots of many and reduce the stress related to getting a ticket. 

Consequences of Pleading Guilty

Speeding is one of the most common driving violations that most people will experience at some time in their lives. However, most people take the easy way out by paying the ticket and not realizing the consequences of their actions. They just want to get rid of the problem and go on with their lives.   

When a person pleads guilty the problem will not go away. One needs to realize the consequences of pleading guilty to a speeding violation in the state of New Hampshire, which may include: 

  • Expensive fines 
  • An increase in insurance rates 
  • Additional points on a driving record 
  • Possible suspension of driver’s license 
  • Unable to pursue certain jobs that require a clean driving record 

Defenses for a Speeding Ticket

The threat of losing one’s license, the potential for a hike in an individual’s insurance rate, and standing before a judge can be intimidating to many people. There is no need to face these unnecessary situations if one allows a New Hampshire speeding ticket lawyer to represent them in the courtroom.  

New Hampshire speeding lawyers are skilled at approaching judges and developing a defense to help win the case. Attorneys can build their strategies around important questions, such as:  

  • Did the trooper or police officer follow proper procedures when writing the citation for the speeding ticket? 
  • Was the radar calibrated accurately? 
  • How accurate are the results from the radar? 
  • Was the law enforcement officer adequately trained and certified? 
  • Does the officer have the appropriate certification with them on the actual trial day? 

A criminal defense lawyer may seek practical ways to eliminate a speeding ticket without the offender having to plead guilty. A New Hampshire speeding lawyer may ask the judge to allow the defendant to participate in a Safe Driver Program instead of granting a ticket.  

Claims a Defendant Can Make to Avoid a Conviction

  • Claim the act of driving over the posted speed limit was done safely with no accidents
  • Claim that the car was mistaken for a similar looking vehicle on the highway
  • Claim an emergency made the offender use excessive speed 

Contact a New Hampshire Speeding Lawyer Today

New Hampshire takes speeding seriously. Not only will your insurance rates skyrocket if you are convicted, but you could face many undesirable consequences that will impact your future and happiness. 

Remember, pleading guilty to speeding will not make the issues go away in the long run. If you are caught speeding again, the old speeding conviction may affect the outcome of the newly incurred violation.  

It is best to let a New Hampshire speeding lawyer help you win your case in either scenario and give you a clean record and peace of mind.