New Hampshire Forgery Lawyer

Forgery is a crime that the justice system takes very seriously, because it involves dishonesty, theft, and often, a betrayal of trust. If you are facing this charge, you need counsel from experienced criminal defense attorneys who know how to win even the toughest cases.

Forgery involves intentionally or knowingly falsifying documents or information to deceive or to make money illegally. It can be committed by an individual or a company.

There are many different types of forgery crimes that can be committed, including those that are complex and intricately planned and those that are simple and one-time acts. Whatever forgery charge you may be facing, contact an experienced New Hampshire forgery lawyer to review the options available to you. If you have been charged with forgery, a distinguished fraud attorney can build a solid case for you.

Forged Signatures

Perhaps the most common type of forgery involves writing someone else’s signature on an important document: a check, a credit card receipt, a contract, a bill, or some other item that carries important legal or financial consequences.

Depending on the amount of money that is being misappropriated through this kind of forgery, the act can be punished as a felony – which can lead to a year or more in prison – or a misdemeanor. A more elaborate type of forgery involves creating an entirely false document. Phony birth certificates, Social Security cards, and identification cards are used all too frequently.

Identity Theft

The above types of false documents are often used in order to commit identity theft, which costs Americans billions of dollars every year. Both federal and state authorities have been cracking down on identity theft in an effort to get the epidemic under control.

Creating falsified versions of valuable art or other collectibles can also be prosecuted as forgery. In addition, the business world cannot function if one party to a transaction is unable to place trust in the other party’s honesty. Clients have to be able to trust that all legal documents and financial receipts are genuine and will be honored.

Potential Forgery Defense Strategies

What can a New Hampshire forgery attorney do for someone who has been accused of forgery? The most important thing is negotiating with the authorities to see if an out-of-court solution can be reached before the case ever goes to trial. For many of the alleged victims, getting some or all of their money back is more important than seeing criminal penalties imposed.

Here are some other things that must be done:

  • Carefully reviewing the relevant financial data
  • Finding flaws in the prosecution’s case
  • Investigating the details of the case
  • Talking to prosecutors to reach a plea deal

A defense attorney can aggressively challenge any evidence that the authorities try to use, forcing them to justify how that evidence was gathered and how it is relevant to the specific charges.

Do not forget that every American is presumed innocent. Americans do not have to prove they did not commit a crime. The prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The authorities often put up a tough front at first, but when confronted with aggressive advocates, are willing to cut a deal.

Contacting a New Hampshire Forgery Lawyer

Many lawyers can handle routine tasks such as drafting a will or helping with the purchase of real estate. But criminal law is a completely different world – the rules are different, and the stakes are a lot higher. This means that finding the right attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make. If the government is already making a case against you, you need to speak with a New Hampshire forgery lawyer right away. Work with a defense attorney and know that you are in capable hands.