New Hampshire Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Most people know that possessing illegal drugs, or even legal drugs without a prescription, is illegal. However, many people do not know that possessing certain items that are associated with drug use can result in a drug-related charge. Drug paraphernalia charges are leveled at individuals who possess any item that law enforcement believes to have a drug-related purpose.

Drug paraphernalia charges can be hard to understand, and if you or someone you care about has been charged, you will almost certainly want to hire a New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyer. Speaking with a distinguished drug lawyer can give you peace of mind when preparing for trial. Often, drug charges can be dismissed or reduced if it can be proven that law enforcement officials performed an illegal search, so it is important to know your rights.

Understanding the Importance of Incriminating Behaviors

Hiring a New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyer can be in the best interest of an accused individual, especially since the definition of the crime can vary.

The following actions can result in a drug paraphernalia charge under federal law guidelines:

  • Importing and exporting drug paraphernalia
  • Attempting to sell or purchase drug paraphernalia
  • Mailing drug paraphernalia

In many cases, simply possessing certain illegal items can result in a drug paraphernalia charge. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials often test any item they believe to be drug paraphernalia for drug residue, and the test results can be used in court.

Types of Drug Paraphernalia

Certain items can be considered drug paraphernalia under state law, but in reality, any item can be considered paraphernalia if law enforcement agents believe it is being used for drug-related purposes.

Possessing the following items can lead to a drug paraphernalia charge:

  • Pipes
  • Rolling accessories
  • Bongs or bowls
  • Miniature spoons

These are the most common items, but individuals who possess syringes, balloons, scales or balances, and plastic bags can be charged as well. If a person uses the aforementioned items for non-drug related purposes, they cannot be charged unless law enforcement officials have a reason to believe otherwise. If a person is charged with possessing drug paraphernalia but did not intend to use the item(s) for drug-related purposes, they will need to hire a New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyer to defend their rights.

Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia Charges

In New Hampshire, the penalties for a drug paraphernalia charge are not as serious as the penalties for other drug-related charges. Of course, the criminal record of the accused individual will be taken into consideration, and individuals who have been convicted before will face harsher penalties in court. Most drug paraphernalia charges are considered a misdemeanor, and often, the accused individual will be released with only a fine (if it is the first offense). However, if a person has been charged with other drug-related crimes, they will definitely need the aid of a New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyer to avoid jail time, higher fines, or other forms of restitution.

Hiring a Lawyer

If you have been charged with possessing drug paraphernalia, you need a New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyer who will fight for your rights in court. New Hampshire drug paraphernalia lawyers can fight your charges aggressively and scrutinize every piece of evidence in your case.