New Hampshire Reckless Conduct Lawyer

Reckless conduct is a very serious charge, with potentially severe consequences upon a conviction. Reckless conduct is considered a criminal charge in New Hampshire. It has become a popular charge with local prosecutors. Speak with a New Hampshire reckless conduct lawyer regarding criminal misdemeanor or felony charges you may be facing. An experienced criminal attorney can help you proceed with building a defense before trial.

Reckless Conduct Offenses

Reckless Conduct has become a popular charge with New Hampshire prosecutors. To be convicted of Reckless Conduct in New Hampshire, the prosecution must prove that the accused person “recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another in danger of serious bodily injury” according to New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated 631:3 I.

Reckless conduct is a very serious charge, with potentially severe consequences upon a conviction. Reckless Conduct is a Class B felony if the person “uses a deadly weapon” as defined in RSA 625:11, V. All other reckless conduct is a misdemeanor according to New Hampshire RSA 631:3 II.

Deadly Weapons

“Deadly weapon” is defined under relevant New Hampshire law as follows: “Deadly weapon” means any firearm, knife or other substance or thing which, in the manner it is used, intended to be used, or threatened to be used, is known to be capable of producing death or serious bodily injury,” according to N.H. RSA 625:11, V.

A further potential sentencing concern is the potential for a “domestic violence” conviction, if the prosecution proves at trial that “the victim and defendant were intimate partners or family or household members, as those terms are defined in N.H. RSA 631:2-b, III, a conviction under this section shall be recorded as “Reckless Conduct-Domestic Violence.” This can cause dramatic collateral consequences such as a person’s loss of rights to possess a firearm.

How Can a Person be Charged with Reckless Conduct Without Possession of a Dangerous Weapon?

One of the most common “deadly weapons” charged in reckless conduct indictments and criminal complaints in recent years is a motor vehicle. A car or truck can be the “deadly weapon” in a reckless conduct case in New Hampshire courts. This charge is often a companion charge to a serious DWI charge, particularly if the DWI involved personal injury to either the accused or to a third party.

Other instances in which the prosecution may charge reckless conduct in New Hampshire are cases in which they can prove that the driver was driving at a very high speed, road racing, “road rage” theories, and almost any conceivable pattern of facts involving driving that resulted in an aggravated DWI charge.

Reckless Conduct Penalties

If convicted of a Class B Felony for reckless conduct, the driver faces a maximum sentence of 3 and a half to 7 years commitment to the New Hampshire State Prison. If convicted of a misdemeanor reckless conduct charge, the accused person faces up to one year in the county jail in the county of conviction. A strong defense with the aid of a New Hampshire reckless conduct lawyer is necessary.

Contacting a New Hampshire Reckless Conduct Lawyer

A reckless conduct allegation against you, whether the “deadly weapon” was a car, truck, gun, knife, bat or anything else, is very serious, as you see from the penalty ranges for the different levels of offenses. A reckless conduct charge can happen by indictment even if you were charged originally on the day of your arrest for DWI or aggravated DWI. It is important for you to contact a New Hampshire reckless conduct attorney who defends people accused of reckless conduct as soon as possible.