New Hampshire Bribery Lawyer

Bribery can be understood as a crime wherein a person offers or accepts something of value in exchange for influence either on a government or public official. Bribery can be in the form of gifts, payments of money, contracts, property, privileges, and special favors.

The key to understanding bribery charges is that a bribe is meant to improperly influence an individual or group of individuals. If you or someone you know has been charged with bribery in New Hampshire it is crucial you contact a New Hampshire bribery lawyer to protect your rights and your freedom. A distinguished criminal attorney can help you begin defending your rights and reputation.

Commercial Bribery

Commercial bribery is a frequent bribery charge that results from improper business conduct. Under Section 638:7 of the New Hampshire criminal code, a person can be charged with commercial bribery in any instance where a person offers a benefit such as those mentioned above to an employee, agent, or any other person in relation to an employer for the benefit of influencing the conduct of the employee.

New Hampshire bribery lawyers know that someone may also be charged with commercial bribery if during the course of their employment they solicit, accepts, or agrees to accept a benefit such as a gift, compensation, or special privilege when there is an understanding that accepting this benefit will influence the employees conduct in relation to their employer. If someone holds themselves out to the public as being engaged in making disinterested business selections they may be charged with commercial bribery.

What is Sports Bribery?

Many people like to make friendly bets and wagers on sporting events; however, in certain instances, a person may be charged with sports bribery. Pursuant to Section 638:8 of the New Hampshire Criminal Code, a person may be charged with sports bribery where they attempt to influence any athlete, participant, or prospective participant in a sporting event not to give their best efforts by offering a benefit to that athlete, participant, or when a person attempts to injure an athlete or participant. Someone may be charged with sports bribery if they attempt to injure an official or tamper with a person, animal, or piece of equipment. Should this occur, they should contact a New Hampshire bribery lawyer.

Bribery in Official and Political Matters

It is critical that publicly elected officials avoid any impropriety. Someone may be charged with bribing a public official if they promise, offer, or give a pecuniary benefit such as money or award a contract to another person with the intention of influencing their:

  • Actions
  • Decisions
  • Opinions
  • Recommendations
  • Vote
  • Nomination
  • Any other exercise of their discretion as a public servant

Conversely, a public servant, political party official, a candidate for elected office, or vote solicits, accepts, or aggress to accept a pecuniary benefit from another for the purpose of influencing their decision. It may be critical to contact a New Hampshire bribery attorney to better understand the charges someone may be facing.

Penalties for Bribery Charges

Being charged with a bribery offense is a serious matter, and one that a person should not take lightly. Anyone facing a bribery charge may face fines and prison sentences. A person charged with commercial bribery may be charged with a Class A felony, where the value of the property is more than $1,500 and may face a prison sentence of up to fifteen years, and a minimum fine of $4000.

A person may also be charged with a class B felony for commercial bribery where the value of the property is worth more than $1000 but less than $1500. A person charged and convicted of a class B felony can face a prison sentence of up to seven and a half years, and a fine of $4000.

For sports bribery charges a person may face a class A felony charge where the value exceeds $1500, or if they threaten serious bodily injury. A person charged with sports bribery as a Class A felony will face the same penalties as mentioned above. Finally, any bribery associated with official and public matters can be charged as a Class B felony. This means that a person may face a prison term of anywhere from three to seven and a half years and a fine $4000 or higher.

How a New Hampshire Bribery Attorney Can Help

Bribery charges are a very serious matter, and if you or anyone you know has been charged with bribery it is critical to contact a dedicated and experienced New Hampshire bribery lawyer as soon as possible.

A bribery defense attorney with experience representing those charged with bribery offenses can help ensure your rights are protected. With aggressive investigation, negotiation, and litigation an experienced bribery lawyer can help avoid hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences.